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  JiuQian Office Supplies Company, Inc. is located in the Qidong city which is in the side of the Yellow Sea River, facing Shanghai. Qidong City has four different seasons and the commute is very convenient because of the ChongQi Bridge.  
  Since 1994,the delicate people at JQWH have been working hard for building the company culture, passionate about bringing new designs and devoted to developing high quality products. Over a decade later, we have grown up to be the office supply and production dealer in the east coast of China.
  We have participated in the Staplers National Profession Standard Setup in 2006,Compasses&Protractors in 2008,and Automatic Numbering Machines in 2009.Most of our products have received the National patent rights. Over the 10 years, we have been receiving the samples and producing the office supplies to meet your needs.
  We have various office and desk supplies, such as Staplers, Numbering machines, Compasses&Protractors, Ink and Toner, etc, which are well-known for their excellence, delicateness and durability. We will be bringing you new product design, reasonable prices and outstanding services. We hope we can be your best ,loyal friends.
  "Enjoyment is from Excellence", our goal is being perfect.
  We sincerely welcome you to contact us and are currently accepting international orders.